MaiQ bags en accessories.
Colorful, elegant, strong and handmade.

Created in Amsterdam, uniQue in the world.



Maaike-Maiq-AmsterdamWhen Maaike Kobossen worked in the financial industry, she day-dreamed of the perfect business-bag. A bag no one else had. A pile of handwoven carpets of cactusfiber made her take action. The MaiQ bag was born.

Maaike gets her inspiration from her daily live, travels and fashion. For the use of the different colors and the combination of them, Maaike loves the saying of Coco Chanel: “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

MaiQ bags and accessories are unique in many ways: the combination of the cactusfiber from Marokko combined with leather, the special colors, the unique designs and the thoughtful models. They are all strong and handy for everyday use. Of every item there is only one!

Created with love in Amsterdam, uniQue in the world.